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At the core of our services offering are our precious metals jewelry casting services. Trusted by the most discerning jewelry brands, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry artists MD Casting has been delivering jewelry casting excellence in Montreal for over 25 years.

Only the purest metals will do when casting a piece that will be treasured by your clients for years to come. For this reason we blend only the highest grades of precious metals and carefully selected alloys and use an oxygen-free, vacuum process the employs the most advanced European casting technology.

Combine our attention to detail, the experience of 25 years and an uncompromising commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and you obtain jewelry casting that produces pieces with fewer flaws, more strength and pressure resistance and enduring quality.


Wax to Metal Conversion Table

Bronze 1gr 8.5gr
Sterling Silver 1gr 10gr
10kt Gold 1gr 11gr
14kt Gold 1gr 13gr
18kt Gold 1gr 15gr
18kt Palladium 1gr 16.4gr
19kt Gold 1gr 16gr
Platinum 1gr 22gr

Gold Jewelry Casting

Sterling Silver Jewelry Casting

Bronze Jewelry Casting

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