Jewelry Casting and Manufacturing Services

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Jewelry Services To Grow Your Business

Jewelry Casting and Manufacturing Services

MD Casting provides its jewelry trade clientele of jewelry brands, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry retailers with a complete portfolio of jewelry design, precious metals casting, jewelry manufacturing, moulding, 3D Printing and laser repair services to support their activities in Montreal, across Canada and in the USA. Let us help you optimize your operation and increase your profitability by handling these manufacturing processes so you can focus on running your business and serving your customers.

Precious Metal Jewelry Casting

At the core of our services offering are our precious metals jewelry casting services. Trusted by the most discerning jewelry brands, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry artists MD Casting has been delivering jewelry casting excellence in Montreal for over 25 years.
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Jewelry 3D Printing

Jewelry 3D Printing provides jewelry designers and manufacturers with a whole new world of design and production capabilities. Jewelry 3D Printing can help jewelers in digital design by facilitating processes that would otherwise be too complex, time consuming or impossible to execute. It also allows jewelers to engage consumers in the design of their jewelry and to generate fast prototypes for demonstration and display.
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Jewelry Laser Soldering and Repairs

Laser technology allows a craftsman to become a perfectionist. Tasks that were once unaffordable, or simply impossible, are now cost-effective and provide a level of accuracy that is astounding.
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Jewelry Moulding and Mold Making

At MD Casting, we pride ourselves in creating solutions that allow your imagination to explore new possibilities. Choose to replicate a best seller, enhance an existing model or mould, or create something never seen before.
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Jewelry Injection and Mold Injection

The true classics live on forever, but unfortunately the moulds of their day do not. We can recreate existing moulds to produce magnificent pieces once again. Re-sizing and minor adjustments to existing wax can be a simple task, one that offers impressive cost savings and endless possibilities.
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